Freshmen: Eluan Jeunet takes a hard pounding from Joel Birkin and Adam Archuleta.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Adam Archuleta, Joel Birkin, Eluan Jeunet

Director’s Notes:

This BelAmi mockumentary details the difficulty of practicing proper office decorum when you’re surrounded by hot, hung guys. Adam is often overly demanding treating his beleaguered assistant Joel more like a slave than staff. Feeling guilty, Adam decides to increase morale with a meal and drink. Joel desires more than this and wants to see HR- horizontal recreation. Since Adam has been riding Joel’s ass, Joel feels he should be allowed to do the same to Adam for a time. Though Adam is trying to be a more understanding boss, his ass is one office perk he won’t be offering. Fortunately, there’s another staff member who loves stiff members and getting fucked by large dicks, our other production assistant Eluan. The staff commences enjoying each other’s staffs and office morale is restored with a three way.

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