College Dudes: Richie West offers up his stress relief hole to Masyn Thorne.


Studio:  College Dudes

Star(s):  Masyn Thorne, Richie West

Director’s Notes:

Richie West is eager to help relieve some of Masyn Throne’s school stress the best way he knows how. Making out, Masyn strips down so Richie can get at that big dick, wrapping his lips around Masyn’s cock. Richie works the tips of Masyn’s prick, hitting all those sensitive spots before lying back on the bed to let Masyn taste him next. Masyn’s wet mouth strokes Richie’s shaft as Richie fucks deeper down Masyn’s throat.

Masyn bends Richie’s legs up and exposes that tight hole, fingering it a little before pushing his bareback dick inside and fucking him deep. Richie moans as Masyn fills him up, that fat dick stretching his hole open before Richie turns onto all fours and fucks himself with Masyn’s hard cock. Masyn takes over again, pounding into Richie faster until he pulls out and nuts all over Richie, who then jerks the cum out of his own sweet dick!


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