William Higgins: Radek Cerveny gets a full service massage from Martin Hovor.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Radek Cerveny, Martin Hovor

Director’s Notes:

Radek Cerveny arrives for a massage by Martin Hovor. Martin tells his to take off his clothes and to lay down on the table. Radek does that. Meanwhile Martin has stripped down to his underwear too and he places a towel over Radek’s ass before starting work. He takes some oil into his hands and begins to massage Radek’s back. The oily hands run all over the back onto the shoulders too. Then Martin slides the towel down a little to expose Radek’s sexy ass. The hands glide all over the back and onto that hot ass. Fingers work deep into Radek’s muscles as Radek is fuly relaxed. Then Radek turns onto his back so that Martin can work on his hot chest too. He adjusts the towel which covers Radek’s groin. That exposes his hard cock a little. Martin bends down and his tongue begins to lick on the tip of hte hard cock. He rubs Radek’s chest as he licks the cock. Then the towel is lowered to fully expose the stiff dick, which Martin continues to lick. Martin takes the cock in his hand and begins to wank it and then he begins suck it too. His hot mouth works on the rock hard cock. Enjoying that big cock Martin keeps sucking and wanking it as he rubs his own groin. He pushes his underwear down to release his own huge erection. Then he climbs over Radek so they can suck each other in a 69. With Martin’s ass hoevering over his face Radek sucks and licks the big cock as his own is worked on too. Then Martin dismounts and they kiss. Then Radek slides down the table a little, with his legs spread wide. Martin slides his big cock into Radek’s hotass and begins to fuck. Radek wanks his own stiff cock as he takes Martin’s dick deep into his ass. Martin’s hips thrust hard as his dick pounds the hot hole as Radek keeps wanking. The big cock stretches his hole wide as it fucks. Radek keeps wanking as he takes the cock and soon unloads his cum. He milks his cock dry as Martin continues to fuck hard. Then Martin pulls out and Radek bends over the table to get more hard fucking. Martin’s dick fucks so deep and hard into Radek’s hot hole, until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out to dump his hot cum onto the sexy ass. Martin milks every last drop from his cock before pulling Radek upright and kissing him.

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