William Higgins: Horned up Jan Nurand can’t help but wake up sleeping Misko Sinak.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Jan Nurand, Misko Sinak

Director’s Notes:

Misko Sinak is asleep on the bed as Jan Nurand stealthily creeps up on him. Jan begins to feel and kiss Misko’s sexy ass, lowering his underwear in the process. Misko wakes up as he feels the hot lips and hands on his ass. He still feels sleepy but begins to respond as Jan moves further up his hot body. Jan continues to kiss and caress the sexy body as Misko turns over some so that he can respond to the kisses. Jan’s groin presses against Misko’s ass as they kiss. As Misko lays on his back Jan presses his mouth into the bulging groin. He pulls down Misko’s underwear to release his cock and balls. Jan takes the burgeoning cock into his mouth and sucks it. He sucks on the balls and licks up and down the shaft of the cock too. Misko rubs Jan’s head as the hot mouth works on his fat cock. Jan wanks on the stiff dick as he sucks on Misko’s balls before going down on the cock again. Jan then removes his underwear to release his own stiff cock. Then he leans over and kisses Misko again. He turns around and climbs over Misko so they can suck each other. They both suck so well as the stiff dicks fill the mouths. After kissing again Mikso moves onto his, presenting his sexy ass. Jan pulls the underwear off that ass and slides his rock hard cock into the waiting hole. That cock fucks deep into Misko’s ass as a hand runs all over his back. Jan grabs the hips and fucks harder, as his cock fills the tight hole. Misko turns onto his back and is fucked some more as he wanks himself. Misko wanks hard as the cock pounds his tight hole. Soon his dick gives up the squirting cum shot as Jan continues to fuck hard. Then Jan pulls out of that tight hole and unloads his cock too, shooting his creamy cum onto Misko. He milks his cock dry and then leans forward so they can kiss again.

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