Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Austin Cook, Alex Faux

Director’s Notes:

Alex Faux went for a run with his buddy Austin Cook but didn’t take the time to stretch out properly. Now they’re back, and Alex is sore. The adorable twink asks Austin for a massage, and Austin agrees. The beautiful boys are soon in bed, taking turns working stiff muscles. Soon, however, Alex is massaging something else. Something big and hard and uncut. Alex goes down on Austin, taking his dick down to the balls. Austin returns the favor, but Alex needs a different type of massage. He needs his prostate taken care of. He pushes Austin back, slobbers all over his throbbing shaft once more, then demands Austin fuck him. The young top climbs on Alex and gives him a good raw fuck. He goes deep and hits hard, pounding Alex like a pro. But it’s when he gets Alex on his back that Austin truly gives all he’s got. And he doesn’t stop until he fucks the cum out of his running partner. Alex shoots a big load, and when Austin pops out to blow his seed, Alex is right there to lap it all up.

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