Broke Straight Boys: Axel Kane drills Brandon Evans. Who do you like better? Beefy Asian Axel or toned Brandon?


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Brandon Evans, Axel Kane

Director’s Notes:

Axel Kane and Brandon Evans show off their sexy bodies for you, flexing their hard muscles before stripping down and getting another part of their body good and hard! Brandon is on his knees sucking Axel’s cock, making Axel moan as he strokes Axel’s shaft with his warm mouth and then stands up to get some oral. Axel rubs their cocks together, feeling the soft skin of Brandon’s hard shaft against his own before bending him over and tasting Brandon’s sweet ass.

Axel rims that tight, puckered hole before driving his throbbing hard and raw dick into it, taking Brandon hard and deep. They move to the bed as Axel bends Brandon’s legs up and spreads that ass wide open, pounding in and out of Brandon’s hole. Axel’s balls slap against Brandon’s ass cheeks as Brandon strokes out a thick load and Axel gives Brandon a creampie, his cum dripping down Brandon’s sore ass!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Broke Straight Boys.

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