BelAmi Online: Kevin Warhol has fun topping muscular Maori Mortensen.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Maori Mortensen, Kevin Warhol

Director’s Notes:

We thought we were getting along quite fine with Kevin and Jack and their ‘let’s make a movie’ project, but then we find out that they have been trying to cut a few corners. Today’s scene was actuallshot in Africa with Kevin as a model, so he and Jack both think that they can bribe our archivist into giving them the scene to include in their project, and deleting the orginal copy. We’ll need to have a word with our archivist about this! In the meantime Maori decides to pay a visit, and the boys quickly realize that they can add to the scene that they stole by offering Maori something he can’t refuse. Kevin!

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!


Click here now to check out the full scene at BelAmi Online.

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