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Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Zak Bishop

Director’s Notes:

Zak Bishop just turned 28 and he’s looking hotter than ever. Zak identifies as gay and is currently single but actively looking to find that special someone. He stands up, pulls his shirt off and begins explaining his different tattoos and why he has them. He’s got a nice lean body and is not too over-covered with tattoos. He quickly rips off his shorts and underwear. His cock is already completely stiff and standing straight up. Zak grabs his thick cock and starts jacking it. I’d swear his dick grows longer the more he jacks it. Zak turns around, bends over the sofa and spreads his ass so that Anthony can zoom right in with the camera. While we get an up-close view of Zak’s sweet, tight hole Anthony tells Zak to look behind the pillow. Zak pulls out a dildo that’s just as long and thick as his own cock. He wastes no time lubing up his new-found toy and it magically disappears right up his ass. Zak begins pushing the dildo in and out of his ass, moaning each time the toy hits that magic spot deep inside him. Zak lays back on the sofa and this time he starts jacking his cock while he continues fucking himself with the dildo. It’s not long before Zak’s nuts all but disappear and you can tell from the look on his face that he’s about to lose it. With a long, deep moan and some heavy breathing Zak blows a thick load of creamy white jizz all over his chest and abs. Guess he knew how to work that dildo in his ass and now we know why he was nominated by GayVN for "Best Butt".

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