William Higgins: Libor Boucek gets an added workout in with Peto Mohac.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Libor Boucek, Peto Mohac

Director’s Notes:

Libor Boucek and Peto Mohac are using weights as they do their training. Their bodies look sweaty as the exert themselves. Having finished they admire each other and are soon kissing as Peto’s hands run all over Libor’s chest. Libor kisses Peto’s chest as well as his mouth as they feel each other. They grope each other’s shorts too and Peto kisses his way down as he drops to his knees. He pulls Libor’s shorts down and takes the exposed cock into his hot mouth. Libor’s cock is rock hard as Peto sucks him. Libor’s hips start to thrust to fuck his dick into the eager mouth. Then Peto licks up and down the fat shaft too. As he sucks he reaches to feel Libor’s ass cheeks as well. Libor holds the back of Peto’s head as he fucks the cock into his mouth. Then Peto sits on the bench and Libor returns the favour by sucking his cock. That cock stands proud as Libor’s hot mouth works on it. Peto rubs his chest as he enjoys the sucking and runs his hands over Libor’s bobbing head too. Libor takes the rock hard cock deep into his mouth as he sucks hard. Then he stands up again so that Peto can take another turn at sucking. They kiss again before Peto bends over and presents his ass. Libor’s dick pushes against the tight hole and slide deep inside. His hips start to thrust as he fucks that tight hole with nice long strokes. . That big cock works Peto’s hole pulling out and sliding all the way in again. Libor’s fucking gets faster as he grabs Peto’s hips, pushing his dick all the way into the hot hole. Peto then turns over and lays on the bench, with his legs up, to get that cock in his ass again. He wanks his own cock as Libor pounds his eager hole. He keeps wanking as Libor fucks hard. Then Peto’s dick releases the creamy cum and his milks his dick dry as Libor continues to fuck hard. Libor pulls out and unloads his cum onto Peto before leaning forward to kiss him again.

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