William Higgins: Dave, Ben, Siamon and Alexandr get into some oral action.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Alexandr Jander, Simon Paldov, Ben Stolar, Dave Swanson

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #117 stars Alexandr Jander, Ben Stolar, Dave Swanson and Simon Paldov. In this first part Dave and Simon are checking something out of the window. But, curiousity sated, Dave turns around and they start to kiss. Dave remove Simon’s tee shirt and goes back to kissing the luscious lips. Then his tee shirt is removed too and they grope each other, with Dave opening Simon’s jeans. He pulls out Simon’s hardening cock and wanks it as they continue to kiss. With Simon’s cock rock hard Dave is eager to suck it so he goes down on his knees and takes it in his mouth. The hot mouth sucks on that stiff cock, licking around the head and up and down the shaft as well. As he keeps u p his sucking Ben and Alexandr arrive and start to feel Simon’s body. Ben’s big, stiff, cock is soon out of his jeans and Simon takes hold to wank it. His own cock stands proud as he wanks and Dave opens Alexandr’s jeans and starts sucking his big cock. He wanks Simon as he sucks Alexandr. Then he goes back to suck on Simon’s dick. Simon wanks both Alexandr and Ben as he feels the hot mouth working his dick. Dave sucks Alexandr again as Simon drops down to take Ben’s cock in his mouth. He licks the head and sucks on that throbbing cock as Alexandr thrusts his into Davve’s eager mouth. Ben starts to fuck his cock into Simon’s mouth,holding his head to pull it onto the dick. Simon sucks it deep into his mouth then he licks the shaft too. Dave lays on the bed so that Ben can suck him as Alexandr goes down on Simon’s fat cock. His head is pushed down onto that big cock and he takes it all in his mouth. Dave’s cock is rock hard as Simon keeps up his expert sucking. Then they all move with Simon kneeling to present his ass for rimming as Dave sucks on Simon. Simon’s dick is fucked hard into Dave’s mouth as Alexandr’s tongue laps at Simon’s hot hole. Dave wanks himself as he keeps up his sucking. Then he is sucked by Simonn as Ben whose ass is receiving attention from both Ben and Alexandr.

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