Freshmen: Helmut Huxley makes Michael Seberg a complete sticky mess.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Helmut Huxley, Michael Seberg

Director’s Notes:

It starts innocently as Helmut and Michel compare scars, “kissing them all better”. It soon occurs to them that the best salve isn’t a kiss, but a good fuck as the innocence gives way to sexual intensity and heat. Michel has gained definition since last we saw him but remains as youthful and lithe as ever. Helmut is, of course, his usual gorgeous self.
The sex – from the kissing, through the oral and rimming and into the fucking- remains hot throughout. Helmut in particular lets loose like we’ve never seen before as he thrusts the complete length of his cock into Michel’s greedy ass till he eventually lets fly one of his best cum shots ever.

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Click here now to check out the full scene at Freshmen.

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