William Higgins: Milos Dena gets his smooth body covered in cum after having his cherry hole popped by Jan Nurad.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Milos Dena, Jan Nurad

Director’s Notes:

Milos Dena, a very sexy newcomer gets his cherry busted by Jan Nurad. They start by sitting on the bed for a chat and Milos agrees to participate in some action with Jan. They kiss and then Milos lays down to be massaged, after removing his tee shirt. Jan straddles him and begins to rub Milos’ sexy chest. He leans down and they kiss again. Jan begins to kiss his way down the hot body, licking the nipples too. Then he opens Milos’ jeans and starts to suck on his cock. That cock is rock hard as Jan licks and sucks on it. He cups the balls too as he sucks hard on the cock. Milos reaches down to feel Jan’s arm and rub his head as he enjoys the mouth on his cock. Jan pulls the jeans off Milos’ legs who then kneels to be sucked again. Jan sucks on the har cock and licks the sexy body too, working his way up to the mouth so they can kiss again. Jan then goes back down on that throbbing cock for a while before getting naked himself. They wank each other as they kiss some more. Then Milos lays down, on his back, and lifts his legs in the air so that Jan can spread the sexy ass. He drops saliva onto the hole and rubs it in, probing with his finger and them rimming that hot hole. He then slides his stiff dick into Milos’ tight hole and starts to fuck hard. Mllos wanks himself as he takes the hard cock deep in his ass. Jan fucks deep with long strokes as Milos continues to wank his stiff dick. Jan’s dick works Milos’ hole so well and soon makes him shoot his own load onto his belly. Then Jan pulls out of that ass and wanks himself shooting his creamy load up Milos’ hot body. He milks his cock dry and then leans forward to kiss Milos one final time.

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