Straight Fraternity: Blake and Branson play a round of Bowl of Tricks.


Studio:  Straight Fraternity

Star(s):  Blake, Bronson

Director’s Notes:

Franco springs the Bowl of Tricks on Blake and Bronson, and they’re both pretty worried about it! Blake draws first and gets his least favorite, “suck on toes.” He does it with a scowl, but it only gets worse when Bronson draws “teabag.” Finally, Blake gets one he loves, “paddle.” He spanks Bronson’s butt until it’s bright red, and even sneaks in some extra smacks. And when Bronson draws “suck cock and balls,” it looks like things have turned around for Blake. Bronson does his best sucking dick and working on Blake’s pierced nipples, but when Blake refuses to return the favor, I tell Bronson to make sure and aim for his face when he’s ready to cum. The guys look right into the camera as they jack their dicks, and Blake is the first one to nut. He rolls over and shoots his big load on Bronson. Blake’s pretty happy with himself, until Bronson stands up and coats Blake with an enormous load of his own.

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