Sean Cody: Sexy Archie gets his bottoming abilities tested by hung Lachlan.


Studio:  Sean Cody

Star(s):  Archie, Lachlan

Director’s Notes:

Archie’s bulge is looking extra nice today, so much that the Sean Cody team and his scene partner Lachlan can’t help but take notice. Archie gives Lachlan’s bulge some admiration right back, especially when he discovers the muscular top also sports a bush. “You like that, huh?” Lachlan says proudly, prompting both guys to yank their pants down for a little side-by-side comparison. “Broing out with our bushes out!” Archie laughs. After Lachlan plays with Archie’s bush and his junk, Archie sucks Lachlan’s cock and hops on to ride him, then takes it deep in doggystyle before bouncing on Lachlan’s dick till he feels the top cumming in his tight hole!

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