Sean Cody: Deacon rides Jax. These muscle hunks definitely are into each other.


Studio:  Sean Cody

Star(s):  Deacon, Jax

Director’s Notes:

“You guys have been asking for this,” says Sean Cody favorite Jax as he cuddles up to hottie Deacon. “I’ve been asking for it, he’s been asking for it, everybody wants to see it. AND we get to do my favorite thing ever–” “Fuck,” Deacon adds helpfully. “Okay, second-favorite,” Jax replies. Before these guys head back to the Sean Cody studio to get started on their fave activity, they hop on a jetski and head out on the bay. The water may be cold, but Jax and Deacon are hot hot hot as they flex their perfect muscles and admire each other. Deacon and Jax can’t agree about who’s got the better body, but they are in full agreement about what they want to do with them, as Deacon rides Jax’s huge cock. These guys are so turned on by each other they even cum in sync!

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