’s Drill My Hole: Thyle Knoxx’s plan to scare off his mom’s guest Tomas Decastro backfires.


Studio: Drill My Hole

Star(s):  Tomas Decastro, Thyle Knoxx

Director’s Notes:

Thyle Knoxx is sick of being voluntold to house his mom’s whole social circle for free, so when she calls him up and tells him Tomas Decastro will be staying in his spare room, Thyle decides to give his houseguest a welcome he won’t forget. Thyle is sure that if he and his roommate greet Tomas fully naked, he’ll run for the hills… instead, Tomas strips down to his birthday suit and joins them on the couch! Thyle announces it’s time to jerk off, and Tomas joins right in. And when Tomas finds Thyle riding a dildo on the table, he comes back with a dildo of his own! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so Thyle warmly welcomes Tomas’s big cock in his ass!

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