Helix Studios: We couldn’t leave you dripping. Watch hottie Travis Stevens make Parker Grant moan so loud in his debut.

by @ Gay Porn Universe


Studio:  Helix Studios

Star(s):  Parker Grant, Travis Stevens

Director’s Notes:

With his leading man good looks, and chiseled features, Parker Grant is poised to take the porn world by storm! Travis Stevens has the honor of introducing the freshest, new member of our Helix family to the masses; and, he dives deep, chatting the new dude up on everything from cooking to coming out. After the flirty convo, the guys cook up one hell of a spicy smash session in the sack! Stevens takes the lead, stripping Parker down to his bone stuffed briefs, then releasing his raging rod for it’s delicious debut. Excited for his first fuck flick, and hungry for dick, Grant gets down on his knees, and services Stevens’ sizable schlong with a deep throat, spit shine- ball cleaning combo that’d stiffen any cock. Travis can’t wait to take a taste of the naughty newbie’s neither regions; and, he eats that incredible can with tongue punching, porn star prowess. After opening pretty boy Parker up with a few thick fingers, Stevens eases his ample appendage in, then takes the hint from the boy’s pleasure moans to up his seat slamming, smash speed. He bangs the beautiful boy out on all fours, then flips the fine fuck onto his back for a nut slapping balling that brings Stevens’ sack to a boil! He empties his oozy ammo, covering Parker’s pretty pucker and crotch with cum; then, he fucks the fresh funk up into Grant’s gorgeous gape with a rump ramming reprise.

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