Helix Studios: Twock Travis Stevens drills sexy Aiden Garcia.


Studio:  Helix Studios

Star(s):  Aiden Garcia, Travis Stevens

Director’s Notes:

Muscle twunk, Travis Stevens takes the lead, lending his luscious lips to latin lover Aiden Garcia‘s uncut groin for a deep throated-delicious dick swallowing opener. After feeding the fired up, fellatio fiend within, Stevens settles into a sultry hot, 69 session. Aiden eats every ounce of dick Stevens can serve, while our dirty blond, butt hungry boy breaks into Aiden’s incredible ass with his tongue. Perfectly positioned for a porny penetrating, Aiden inches his fuck hungry hole forward, then squats down on his dude’s D, curing his carnal craving for cock. Spread and speared right up the middle, Aiden simmers, swaying his sweet center between enjoying the booty boning cock bounce, and stroking his thick dick in time with his muscle twunk’s thrusty, tripod tirade. After an incredible, on all fours-fucking, Garcia takes it on his back. Stevens smashes the porn prince’s pretty posterior till his uncut cock splashes white hot spunk nearly to his neck. Excited by the salty sight, top twunk Travis takes hold of his hog, then hoses his latin hottie down with an extra large load of lust! Then, he collapses onto his cock fed conquest, and both boys enjoy a porny, protein packed, seed soaked kiss.

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