Fun Size Boys: Cute Austin Young gets his hole filled by sexy jock Cole Blue and hunks Brian Adams and Legrand Wolf.


Studio:  Fun Size Boys

Star(s):  Brian Adams, Cole Blue, Legrand Wolf, Austin Young

Director’s Notes:

After having spent time with his doctor and army recruiter, Austin has a wild idea; why not let these tall men use him all at once? It doesn’t take much convincing to get on board, excited to see other big guys fuck a tiny bottom like Austin. They giant tops can hardly wait to get their little play thing stripped down and mounted on their big cocks!

Austin fills his mouth with his army buddy Cole’s cock. The huge member stretches his mouth wide, making it easier to take Dr. Wolf’s manhood in a single swallow. Austin feels the man’s heavy nuts graze his chin, swinging back and forth as he fucks the boy’s mouth. Austin turns his head to the recruiter, Brian, lapping at his giant piece — all while his hole gets slapped and fingered by the other tops!

It’s a dream come true to be in the center, primed to be gangbanged raw and hard. As soon as Austin feels Cole’s raw cock slide inside, he gets overwhelmed with excitement, feeling himself immediately on the edge of orgasm! He knew he had to pace himself, however… The evening had only just started and there were still two more cocks to take!

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