Freshmen: Orri Aasen creampies Fabien Jacq’s furry hole in this hot fuck filled with lots of moaning.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Orri Aasen, Fabien Jacq

Director’s Notes:

Life’s not fair. Fabien Jacq’s awful cheesy pick-up lines work because he looks like Fabien Jacq. While the rest of us can strike out with Wilde-like wit simply because we have faces like, well, Oscar Wilde.  Well, the lines work for him as the pair move quickly from a massage in the garden to a butt pounding in the bedroom. Those that dislike shaved butts will be pleased to see both guys are intact. We hope those that prefer smooth will be placated by the cuteness of the two boys.  While we’ve given up on satisfying your conflicting body hair desires, we know that you’ll be happy with the action here. Great chemistry, sensuous sucking, eager rimming and intense fucking- this scene has it all. Fabien fans will see him here again in March paired with Jason.  Orri addicts will get their fix also in March but will have to migrate over to to see him in a flip flop with Jim Durden.

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Freshmen.

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