Freshmen: Jerome Exupery makes cutie Jacq Broyard moan. Enjoy watching this hot “secret fuck.”


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Jacq Broyard, Jerome Exupery

Director’s Notes:

Helmut has brought Jacq into Prague for a weekend of fun. He has asked Jerome to take care of him while he runs some errands. His instructions are seemingly simple: clean up the mess (which Helmut probably made) and, most importantly, do not try and seduce his sexy “cousin” with the tight, taut, ripped body and fuckable ass.  Of course, Jerome proceeds to disregard these commands as soon as the door closes. Apparently, Jerome enjoys eating forbidden fruit almost as much as he enjoys eating Jacq’s ass. He gives perhaps his best performance topping the innocent Jacq Broyard.

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