Freshmen: Eluan Jeunet moans as Riff Dornan fucks him hard.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Riff Dornan, Eluan Jeunet

Director’s Notes:

Our 2 part special this week starts off with Riff Dornan and Eluan Jeunet. It’s a common ploy of the guys l who work in our office to pretend to be too busy to do anything.  Luckily we all know that they will always give in in the end, and so it is with Eluan today. We also know that Eluan has a fantastically big dick that he likes putting to good use with our new boys, but today it is Riff and his extra thick dick that gets to be the top.  Apart from being a great top, Eluan is also an excellent bottom and he shows that he can enjoy taking all that Riff can give in today’s scene.

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Click here now to check out the full scene at Freshmen.

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