Freshmen: Cute and hung Riff Dornan relaxes Mario Texeira’s hole with a sensual massage.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Riff Dornan, Mario Texeira

Director’s Notes:

It is a coincidence this week features two scenes involving a massage. In the previous scene with Orri and Jacq the massage was a brief interplay. In this scene it is central to the action.  While Mario is the one receiving the massage, it is Riff who is getting the most pleasure as we observe his cock going from soft to hard in seconds as he lays his hands on Mario’s well-muscled frame and kneads that perfect bubble butt.  Soon we’re treated to some great closeups of Riff’s thick member going in and out of its foreskin as it slides up and down Mario’s butt crack.  The massage leads to one of the most sensual and sexually intense scenes we’ve shown in a while as both boys bring each other to a state of sexual ecstasy with Riff pounding his buddy’s ass until they both erupt in an explosion of cum.

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