Boy for Sale: Sexy boys Cole Blue, Austin Young, Jay James and Danny are auctioned off.


Studio:  Boy for Sale

Star(s):  Bishop Angus, Master Ballard, Cole Blue, Danny, Jay James, Master Myles, Legrand Wolf, Austin Young

Director’s Notes:

Each of the boys are brought out, one after the other, and put on display. Boys Cole and Austin are joined by new merchandise, Jay and Danny. Cole and Austin know what it is to be a piece of property having had various owners in the past, while Jay and Danny tremble with excitement and fear as their fate is yet to be decided…

As the auction continues, each boy is placed on a small cushioned platform, struggling to keep themselves in place as the men take their turns filling their mouths with their swollen cocks; waiting for their colleagues to finish fucking the boy on display.

One by one, each of the masters slides their bare cocks into the young slaves’ holes, feeling how their many inches had worked and serviced their anal muscles.

There is really only one rule these men agree to; don’t cum until you’re ready to seal the deal! They fuck and fill their young submissives again and again, pulling out before the point of no return to allow the others the chance to sample their enslaved bottoms.

Of course, for one reason or another, each master makes the choice to continue with their pleasure, fucking harder and deeper, pushing themselves past that point so they can enjoy the right of breeding and claiming their prize!

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