BelAmi Online: Kevin Warhol warms up Justin Saradon’s hole to take Jack Harrer’s monster.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Jack Harrer, Justin Saradon, Kevin Warhol

Director’s Notes:

Starting today, and continuing once a month we will be giving you our ‘Kevin and Jack make a movie’ project. After being trained as a cameraman, Kevin came to us with an idea to make a movie with his buddy Jack, so we agreed to let them try.
Today’s scene is the combined camerawork of Luke and Jack, so you can expect a bit more ‘creative’ camerawork when Jack is in control (no gonzo style with the camera in shot though). Today’s scene was planned by Kevin, who just happened to forget to tell Justin that he was goin to get fucked by Jack (an activity that can require a bit more than normal preparation). Being a true sport, Justing agrees to give it a go, but only after Kevin has ‘warmed’ him up first.

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!


Click here now to check out the full scene at BelAmi Online.

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