William Higgins: Watch sexy euro twocks Ivanke, Misko, Jeremy and Peto make a sticky mess!


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Peto Mohac, Jeremy Robbins, Misko Sinak, Ivanek Ukara

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #115 features Ivanek Ukara, Peto Mohac, Misko Sinak and Jeremy Robbins. In this second part we join the action as the rimiming comes to an end and the fucking is about to start. The guys have quick kisses, in pairs and then Ivanek and Jeremy sit on the sofa, their cocks rock hard, so that Misko and Peto can ride them. Misko sits his hot ass hole down on Ivanek’s throbbing cock and Peto does the same to Jeremy. They each start to slide up and down on the cock that is opening up their holes. Ivanek reaches around to feel Misko’s cock as the ass works on his. Peto’s dick swings about as he bounces on Jeremy’s cock. Ivanek thrust his fat dick up into the eager hole as he wanks Misko too. Jeremy’s dick stretches Peto’s hole wide as it takes the cock right down to the balls. Jeremy fucks his dick up into the eager ass as hard as he can. Then both Peto and Misko slide off the cocks and kneel, presenting their asses. Ivanek and Jeremy shove the dicks back into the waiting holes and start fucking again. Jeremy’s balls slap on Peto’s ass as his dick goes deep into the hole. Ivanek’s hips thrust as his fat cock streteche Misko’s hole. The fucking continues like that and then they swap parteners. Peto lays with his legs up for Ivanek to fuck his hot hole. Meanwhile Misko has his legs up too and he takes Jeremy’s rock hard dick all the way in his ass. Ivanek pounds Peto’s hole, pulling out and shoving his dick all the way in again as he fucks. Misko wanks himself as Jeremy’s hips thrust, pushing that cock all the way in the eager ass. Peto wanks too as he takes Ivanek’s cock. Jeremy pulls out of Misko’s ass and gives his dick a quick tug before sliding it deep inside again. Misko keeps wanking as he takes the big cock in his hole. His wanking is rewarded by his hot cum shooting onto his belly as Jeremy continues to fuck him hard. Jeremy continues to fuck until he is ready to cum too and then pulls out to wank his cock and shoot his load. Peto is wanking hard as he feels Ivanek;s big cock in his hole. His cum arrives too, shooting onto his hot body as Ivanek’s dick is banging his hole. He milks his cock dy as Ivanek fuckas and then pulls out to unload as well. Ivanek’s cum lands on Peto’s balls as he cums. Then he leans down to kiss Peto as the others join in too.

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