William Higgins: Good friends Ivan, Ben, Jeremy and Alexandr get into the Christmas spirit.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Alexandr Jander, Jeremy Robbins, Ben Stolar, Ivan Zrzek

Director’s Notes:

In our Xmas Wank Party 2019 we have Alexandr Jander, Jeremy Robbins, Ben Stolar and Ivan Zrzek. Part one begins as Ben and Alexandr decorating the Christmas tree. As they work on it Jeremy arrives, with more gold baubles which they happily put on the tree. Then they sit on the sofa to await a surprise visitor. That is Ivan Zrzek, who arrives bottle in hand. He sits with the guys and opens the bubbly so they can all have a drink. Clinking glasses they wish each other a Merry Christmas and all kiss. They all continue to kiss each other as they runs hands over the sexy bodies. Then Alexandr helps Ivan remove his jeans as Jeremy’s hard cock is released too. Alexandr goes down on Ivan’s rock hard dick to suck it as Ben enjoys the taste of Jeremy’s cock too. As his cock is sucked Jeremy wanks Ivan’s cock as Alexandr keeps sucking it. Jeremy wants to taste that dick so he and Alexandr share it while Ben continue working on Jeremy’s cock. Those cock are rock hard as the sucking continues. Jeremy removes his tee shirt and then Ivan does the same. Ben gets naked too and sits on the back of the sofa, next to Ivan. Alexandr continues to enjoy Ivan’s cock as Jeremy gets to work on Ben’s. Those dicks are rock hard as they are sucked, with Jeremy wanking himself as he sucks. Alexandr takes the whole of Ivan’s cock in his mouth as Jeremy wanks and sucks on Ben. Alexandr licks Ivan’s balls and round the cock head as his own dick makes his underwear tent. Then that underwear is removed and he and Jeremy sit on the back of the sofa for Ivan and Ben to suck. Ivan sucks Alexandr’s cock and then his balls too. Alexandr kisses Jeremy whose cock is sucked hard by Ben. With all the guys naked and those cocks rock hard they enjoy the sucking, setting everything up nicely for part 2.

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