Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Filda Daneska, Alexandr Jander, Michal Renok, Miska Sinak

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #114 features Miska Sinak, Alexandr Jander, Michal Renok and Filda Daneska. In this first part we find Alexander as he rests his head on Michal’s hot body while they sleep. Alexandr wakes and starts to caress Michal’s sexy body, nuzzling his crotch through the underwear. Michals asks to be left to sleep but Alexandr wants to play and continues to nuzzle the crotch, pulling down the underwear to free Michal’s dick. He sucks on the cock and balls as Michal tries to go back to sleep. The hot mouth and tongue work on the cock as it starts to swell and Michal reacts pushing the head down onto it. Alexandr sucks hard on the cock and licks at the balls. His head bobs up and down as he enjoys sucking the hard dick. His tongue licks around the cock head and the entire dick slides into his mouth They are then joined by Misko and Filda who are both in their underwear too. Misko kisses Michal as Filda goes down on Alexandr’s cock. Alexandr’s dick is hard as he continues to suck Michal. Misko moves down to take a turn at sucking Alexandr’s cock as he makes way for Fillda to suck Michal. Alexandr kisses Michal and lays next to him so they can both be sucked. Then Alexandr changes places with Misko and starts sucking him. Filda kisses Michal as he wanks him too. Then he lays on his back for Michal to suck him. He wanks and sucks on Filda’s rock hard cock as Alexandr does the same to Misko. Filda and Misko stand, their dicks rock hard, to be sucked some more. Alexandr sucks Michal as Miska sucks FIlda. Michal’s dick fucks deep into Alexandr’s mouth and he takes it well. Misko wanks and sucks FIlda as Alexandr gags on Michal’s big dick. Then Misko and Michal lays with legs over their heads as the hot tongues of Alexander and FIlda lap at their hot holes.

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