Freshmen: Toned Kirk Gauguin makes beefy Carlos Effort moan with each thrust.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Carlos Effort, Kirk Gauguin

Director’s Notes:

This edition of Freshmen can be classified as our “Guest Stars” special. Our first guest is Paul Effort. You might guess from his buff build that he is a work-out buddy of Paul Cassidy.  While Carlos is not a typical member of our family, he does have an intense chemistry with his co-star Kirk Gaugin. As soon as they rid themselves of third wheel Eluan, the boys give into their desires.  Carlos instigates the action, but Kirk quickly takes charge. Passionate kissing leads to sensual sucking followed by enthusiastic rimming and fingering of Carlos’ tight hole. After this Carlos is desperate for a good fucking. Kirk graciously obliges.

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