Colby Knox: Damn! Colby Chambers was so turned on by Calvin Banks that he blew twice.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Calvin Banks, Colby Chambers

Director’s Notes:

In ColbyKnox’s new gay XXX release, you will watch as Calvin Banks takes every inch of Colby Chambers’ fat cock. Calvin is an incredible performer and he is just as talented when it comes to bottoming as he is topping twinks. Of course, Colby has been drooling over Calvin for years and this is his chance to really get in there and have some fun with him. Colby was so excited for this scene that he even saved his load up for a couple days. If you know Colby, then you know that this is no small task for him. He managed to save up so much cum, that he had to bust twice, just so he wouldn’t have blue-balls when it was all over. Calvin is such a hot bottom, that he makes Colby cum, then continues to take his cock without even taking a break!!! He just simply could not get enough of that fat cock in his tight ass. Its no wonder Mickey Knox, the camera man, could not stop pulling his dick out while trying to film this scene. All throughout the movie the camera dips down and Mickey is stroking his cock to the two of them. It’s like it was their first time ever having sex and they just wanted more, more, and more. With one load going deep inside Calvin Banks and the other load landing all over his stomach, everyone gets what they want out this scorching hot scene. This is Calvins Third on the site and he is quickly becoming a fan favorite here at ColbyKnox!!!


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