Boy Napped: With his hole ready, Master Bradley fists Casper Ellis and even uses the boys cum as lube.

by @ Gay Porn Universe


Studio:  Boy Napped

Star(s):  Ashton Bradley, Casper Ellis

Director’s Notes:

Casper has been through it. He’s has his snug little hole stuffed and stretched, lowered down onto various thick and long toys, his body played with and spanked, the pinwheel rolling all over his most sensitive parts. Now, with his pucker open and his balls heavy with cream Ashton takes the boy into an insane fisting session! Hanging above with his hole aching for more Casper moans as Ashton starts with his fingers, but soon slides his whole hand into the boy! The twink is soon a puppet, on strings, being punched from below as Ashton fist-fucks his aching chute. With a little rubbing of his uncut cock his boner is soon throbbing, his helmet red and wet while Ashton wanks him and makes him cum, collecting the warm juices to fist up into the boy’s arse! With his load left inside his guts Casper endures a final flogging before Ashton calls it a day, but this probably won’t be the last time that arse is so well used now that Ashton knows how much the boy can take.

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