William Higgins: Dr. Hovor’s exam on Ivanek Ukara includes some intense prostate probing.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Martin Hovor, Ivanek Ukara

Director’s Notes:

Doctor Martin Hovor is in his office when Ivanek Ukara arrives to have some papers completed. That involves a check up, so Ivanek removes his shirt and sits on the examination table. Martin starts to check him over, starting with his eyes. Then he checks the chest with his stethoscope. H He the tells Ivanek to stand and turn around. Martin feels Ivanek’s back and tells him to remove his jeans and underwear. Standing naked Ivanek’s groin is checked out as Martin feels around, checking the cock and balls. Then Ivanek turns and bends over the table as Martin feels his hip, thighs and ass. Then Ivan sitis in the examination chair. Martin puts on some gloves as Ivanek’s legs are placed in the stirrups. That exposes his ass which Martin begins to examine. He spreads the cheeks and probes the hole with a finger. He wroks the finger in and out until it goes deep inside. Martin finger fucks the ass pulling out and then sliding all the way inside again. As the hole receives the finger Martin takes hold of Ivanek’s cock and starts to wank it. That cock grown in his hand and Martin cant resist, he leans down and takes it in his mouth. He sucks on the big cock as he fingers the tight hole. He contines to fuck with his finger as his mouth is filled with the meaty cock. Then he kisses Ivanek as well. With his dick standing proud Ivanek climbs off the chair as Martin drops his pants to release his own huge erection. He leans on the table as Ivanek drops to his knees and begins to suck on that big dick. Martin removes his top too as he enjoys the mouth on his dick. Ivanek cups the full balls as he works his mouth on Martin’s cock. Then Martin lays Ivanek on the table with his legs up to make his tight hole available. Martin’s big dick slides deep into Ivanek’s waiting hole and starts to fuck. Ivanek wanks himself as he takes the cock in his ass. Martin fucks deep and hard into that hole, his hips thrusting hard. He takes hold of Ivanek’s cock and wanks it as he fucks. His big cock stretches the hot hole as he continues to pound away. Ivanek wanks himself again as the cock works his hole. With Martin’s dick slamming hard into his hole Ivanek’s cock gives up its’ cum. Then Martin moans loudly as he pulls out and dumps his hot load too.

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