William Higgins: Alexandr Jander and Dave Swanson bottom for Honza Bilek, Radek Cerveny and Jeremy Robbins.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Honza Bilek, Radek Cerveny, Alexandr Jander, Jeremy Robbins, Dave Swanson

Director’s Notes:

In Wank Party #113 we have Honza Bilek, Radek Cerveny,Alexandr Jander, Dave Swanson and Jeremy Robbins. In this second part we join the guy as they are wanking and kissing each other before moving onto the bed. Dave kneels and presents his as Alexandr sits down on Honza’s big cock. Dave’s ass soon feels Jeremy’s rock hard dick sliding deep into his hole. After fuckng for a short time Jeremy pulls out to make way for Radek to pound the eager hole. Then they take turns in Dave’s ass fucking him deep and hard. Alexandr’s dick stands proud as he rides on Honza’s cock. Jeremy and Radek are both rock hard as they take turns in Dave. Honza’s cock thrusts up hard into Alexandr’s hole ensuring that he feels every inch as it goes deep. He grabs his dick and wanks as he rides the big cock. Dave takes the cocks that swap in and out of his ass so well, enjoying the hard pounding he is getting. Jeremy feels all over Radek’s body and spanks Dave’s ass then he takes over the fucking of that hot hole. Alexandr lays on the bed to spoon with Honza who continues fucking deep into the eager hole Dave lays flat on the bed for the guys to keep working his hole as hard as they can. Honza;s dick piles drives into Alexandrs ass as his buddy wanks himself. Jeremy works Dave’s hole hard as he presses him into the bed holding his arms on his back. Honza pulls outof Alexandr’s ass and makes way for Radek to fuck that hot hole. Alexandr takes the new cock in his ass and continues wanking. Jeremy’s fucking gets even harder in Dave’s ass as Honza kneels and wanks himself while watching all the action. Alexandr shoots his creamy cum as he enjoys Radek’s dick banging away at his hole. Radek keeps fucking hard and then pulls out of that hole and unloads his cum too. Honza is watching the hot cum as he wanks hard. Jeremy kneels over Dave and delivers his hot load all over his face and in his mouth. Dave sucks on the sticky cock to drain it completely. He keeps his mouth open to catch Honza’s cum too as it is wanked into his mouth. Then he sucks the spent cock as well.

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