Next Door Buddies: Director Ryan Jordan gets in the action with Julian Brady and David Skyler.


Studio:  Next Door Buddies

Star(s):  Julian Brady, Ryan Jordan, David Skyler

Director’s Notes:

For some reason, the shoot isn’t going so well for director Ryan Jordan. He’s not sure what it is but something just seems to be lacking. He soon discovers that maybe he hasn’t been getting close enough to models David Skyler and Julian Brady, because as soon as he hops up on the bed to get a better angle, they both grab at his cock. He tries to keep his mind on business but they’re tempting is too much for him, and he gives in, setting down the camera and joining them for the fun. Suddenly they are red hot. Turns out there just wasn’t enough cock for the two of them to go around, but now that Ryan has unleashed his giant hog, they realize they’ve maybe bitten off more than they can chew. Julian certainly has a rough time taking Ryan’s dick, but he has no problem taking multiple loads to the face. The only problem is that Ryan didn’t get any of it on tape, so it looks like they’ll just have to do it all over again.

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