Lucas Entertainment: Muscle daddy Tomas Brand makes hottie Allen King submit to this monster dick!


Studio:  Lucas Entertainment

Star(s):  Tomas Brand, Allen King

Director’s Notes:

Allen King is an adorable little guy who loves sex, and he has quickly risen in the ranks as one of the most popular among the Lucas Men. He has a huge stepdad/stepson fetish, and has been attracted to Tomas Brand for a long time. Tomas is more than happy to make Allen’s dreams a reality, and he shows Allen one of the best times he’s ever had. Allen King likes it rough and he gets off big-time on submitting, so Tomas Brand — being the King of All Muscle Daddies — doesn’t hold back with Allen. While he’s ramming Allen’s tiny ass and tight hole, Tomas grabs his throat and holds him down to show him his daddy is in charge!

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