Jason Sparks Live: Sexy twock Christian Blue breeds hung Scott DeMarco.


Studio:  Jason Sparks Live

Star(s):  Christian Blue, Scott DeMarco

Director’s Notes:

Christian wraps his mouth around Scott’s thick, massive cock, feeling it fill his mouth as he lies on the bed. Scott feels Christian’s tongue massage his shaft, all while looking down at his partner’s smooth, round ass.

Scott crawls across the bed on all fours, presenting his firm cheeks and tight hole for Christian to devour. Christian slaps Scott’s ass, feeling his meat shake in his hands, as he tongue fucks his scruffy lover. He slides his finger inside, feeling the taut sphincter clench around his knuckle; getting him even harder as he thinks about it gripping his raw cock!

Scott lays on his back and lifts his legs up as Christian plunges deep inside his pelvis, jackhammering his ass with his raw cock. Scott’s prostate endures the sexy twinks intense thrusts, pushing him closer and closer to an intense climax!

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