Freshmen: Do you think Matthieu Pique likes the taste of his cum?


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Matthieu Pique

Director’s Notes:

You have seen Matthieu, a Czech boy from the North, in hot scenes with Nate Donaghy, Jerome Exupery, and Danny Defoe. Now he’s centre-stage to reveal more than just his body.  While we have been remiss in not scheduling this sooner, perhaps it is appropriate that we have scheduled this during a change in seasons as Matthieu has gone through constant metamorphosis since being with us.  He began as a twink, transformed into a muscleman and now has the sexy athletic form you see today. During this time of change, he has enjoyed two constants. The first is an enduring, perhaps fanatical love of football (soccer for our American friends).  The second is a friendship with Serge Cavalli. He bonded with him during his first trip to Africa and they have remained close to this day. Here is Serge to fill in some juicy details, followed by a juicy jack-off.

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