Colby Knox: Colby Chambers has fun using Willy T. and Grayson Lange.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Colby Chambers, Grayson Lange, Willy T.

Director’s Notes:

In this weeks new gay XXX release from ColbyKnox, we are happy to present a non-scripted fuck featuring Grayson Lange, Willy T. and Colby Chambers. The boys start out with some making out and sucking away on each others hard throbbing cocks, and these are some very sexy cocks!!! Grayson Lange takes the middle position, getting his dick sucked by Willy T. while he reciprocates by sucking on Colby Chambers thick hairy dick. Grayson is the first to go toes up, spreading his legs and taking Colby into his tight ass with a slow and passionate precision. Colby Chambers and Grayson go to town in missionary eventually leading up to Colby lifting Grayson in the air and plowing the young twinks sexy ass while he holds him in his arms. Grayson is definitely down to be the center of attention in this video as they move on to making a red hot sexy sandwich with Grayson as the meat. Willy T. bends over on his hands and knees and takes Grayson Lange’s cock while Colby watches from the rear and eggs them on. Colby Chambers eventually wants some more of Grayson’s sweet tan cheeks and moves into the caboose position of this sex train. Grayson has all the control in this position as he thrusts his cock in and out of Willy’s thick hairy ass,. Meanwhile Colby holds on tight and watches his own cock penetrate Grayson again and again with every thrust Grayson makes inside of Willy T. Next Grayson mounts Colby in a beautiful riding position, bouncing up and down on Colby as they both grunt and moan with pleasure. The video peaks with both Grayson Lange and Willy T. getting on each side of Colby’s dick while they watch the tan stud beat his meat and pump out a nice satisfying load all over himself.


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