Cocky Boys: Muscular Carter Dane moans in pleasure as sexy Calvin Banks drills him hard.


Studio:  Cocky Boys

Star(s):  Calvin Banks, Carter Dane

Director’s Notes:

Worlds collide again as we circle back to the beginning of ALL SAiNTS, take a couple of revealing side trips and jump forward in time! It’s now two years after part 4 when at the religious studies institute in New Orleans Adrian (Calvin Banks) de-briefed The Banker (Ricky Roman) about his encounter with a celestial being (François Sagat). A pivotal de-briefing in which many secrets were uncovered including one punctuated by a mysterious phone call.

Adrian (Calvin Banks) has now returned to New Orleans where he and the auditor (Carter Dane) are reunited and though they’ve moved on in unexpected ways, there’s still an unresolved attraction. Adrian also does not come empty-handed, bringing to the auditor certain important items he’s ambivalent to take. He also allows Adrian/Calvin to crash at his place BUT he makes him sleep on the sofa.

In the middle of a moonlit night, Carter has a strange experience and by morning he’s had a change of heart. He goes to Calvin, who is already playing with his morning wood and takes the giant cock in hand to stroke it. Whispered words of affection and passionate kissing lead Carter to deeply & sensuously suck Calvin, who in turn excites Carter more when he reaches around to play with his bubble butt & smooth hole. The keep going only to stop twice and engage in increasingly passionate kissing.

On their second stopping point Carter turns around so Calvin can bury his mouth & tongue in his deep crack and spit lube him for some powerful condom-free fucking. As Calvin pulls Carter closer he pounds him deeper and harder and grips him by the neck and throat. Willingly dominated by Calvin, Carter sits on his cock and rides him.

Carter soon wants to see Calvin’s face and after he turns around and gets deep-throated, he lies on his back for a final fucking. Calvin drills him with intuitive accuracy with deep thrusts he makes Carter shoot his load. He keeps going and pulls out just in time to cream over his hole and back in. As they lie together in the romantic afterglow, a melancholy mood descends from a seemingly innocent observation…

Meanwhile an unexpected figure finds the special place that several other ALL SAiNTS characters have discovered over the years. And as he concentrates he has a vivid vision of a surprising truth. Pursuing it further results in a heart-pounding climax and a psychic scream that echoes across the centuries.

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