College Dudes: Timothy Drake gets covered in cum after bottoming for Zander Lane.


Studio:  College Dudes

Star(s):  Timothy Drake, Zander Lane

Director’s Notes:

Zander Lane and Timothy Drake enjoy each other’s mouth for a while, making out and kissing before they use those mouths on one another’s cock next! Timothy goes down on Zander first, his lips tight around Zander’s cock as he sucks him until he’s hard as fuck. Of course Zander can’t think of anything better than using that freshly sucked prick to fuck Timothy raw, spreading Timothy’s legs apart and entering him until he’s deep inside.

Zander warms him up, fucking him nice and slow and then pulling Timothy forward to ride him next, lying back and letting Timothy sink onto that hard dick. Bending over the bed on all fours next, Timothy gets pounded from behind as Zander pulls Timothy’s hands behind his back and holds him in place, driving that bareback dick in and out of him. Flipping him onto his back, Zander fucks Timothy faster and deeper until both guys can’t hold their cum back anymore, shooting nice loads and leaving Timothy dripping with jizz!


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