BelAmi Online: Bastian Dufy gives Jeremy Robbins the real popsicle that wants.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Bastian Dufy, Jeremy Robbins

Director’s Notes:

We have been a little remiss in giving you some scenes here of newcomer Jeremy Robbins following his debut on Freshmen back in March.  To make up for it we have paired him up here with Bastian Dufy in a classical BelAmi summer scene. We join Jermemy in the park as he is trying to deepthroat his popsicle.  Disappointed with the results he agrees to follow Bastian back to his love den for some lessons from an expert. Despite his best and admirable efforts, Bastian shows that long term practice is the key to success.  Of course, Bastian is not just satisfied with Jermemy’s lips wrapped around his cock, but has to test out every other hole as well.

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