Badpuppy: Horned up Dakota Payne puts on a hot solo show.


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Dakota Payne

Director’s Notes:

Hunky Dakota Payne returns to show off his muscular tanned body which he got while working in Fire Island, but now, he’s back in California ready to show off his body for the Badpuppy viewers. Dakota is 27 years old, 5’10" and originally from Texas. He spent some time in New York; but, decided it was too busy and the weather was not to his liking. Dakota identifies primarily as gay; but, says he’ll consider anything if the moment is right. Dakota stands to show off his really cool tattoos. It’s while he’s showing off the tattoos that we get a good look at his incredibly sculpted body. When he turns back to the camera Anthony picks up on the fact that Dakota’s got quite the bulge going on in his shorts. He pulls off his shorts and his thick, hard cock springs straight up. Dakota begins stroking his cock as he raises his shorts to his nose and turns himself on at the smell of himself in the shorts. He spits in his hand to help lube his cock and then turns around, kneels over the sofa with his cute bubble butt pointed directly at the camera. He spreads his muscular cheeks showing off his tight hole. Grabbing his cock Dakota begins air humping the couch while he plays with his balls and strokes his dick. Licking his finger, he pushes it into his ass and soon more fingers disappear into his hole. Dakota starts finger-fucking himself, getting himself completely worked up. He leans over and pulls a huge dildo out of the bag lying on the floor and immediately goes down on it, swallowing the whole thing down his throat as he continues stroking his rock-hard piece of man-meat. One leg goes up in the air and Dakota wastes no time burying the dildo in his ass. He begins shoving it in and out giving himself a really good fucking. His balls disappear as he gets close and as he pushes the dildo deeper into his ass it hits his prostate. The moment he hits that magical spot Dakota loses it and white, creamy jizz goes squirting all over his cock and hand. With a very satisfied look on his face, Dakota raises his hand to his mouth and licks it clean of every drop of cum.

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