William Higgins: Tony, Peto, Gerasim and Martin get into some oral fun.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Martin Hovor, Tony Milak, Peto Mohac, Gerasim Spartak

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #112 has 4 great guys, Gerasim Spartak, Peto Mohac, Martin Hovor and Tony Milak. In this first part we find the guys all sitting on the sofa watching some hot girl on the computer. As they watch Martin’s hand slides onto Peto’s leg and starts to rub gently. Peto looks down as he feels it and he reaches to rub Martin too. His hand rubs over Martin’s crotch. As they rub each other they lean in and start to kiss. Tony, seeing what is happening leans over and kisses Gerasim too. Gerasim closes the laptop and focusses on kissing Tony who vigorously rubs his friends crotch. Meanwhile Martin and Peto strip off their tee shirts and return to kissing. Gerasim, who also bares his chest reaches to rub Martin’s crotch and is rewarded by him turning to kiss too. Martin take off his shorts to release his rock hard cock. Peto is quick to lean over and take the big cock in his mouth. He sucks that cock as Gerasim gets fully naked so that Tony can wank and suck him. Martin and Gerasim kiss again as they each feel a hot mouth working on their cock.Those big cocks are rock hard as the guys suck them deep. Tony wanks Gerasim and leans over to suck on Martin’s dick, giving it up for Peto to suck again. They each take turns on Martin’s huge hard pole. Gerasim, meanwhile opens Tony’s fly and release his dick too. Tony gets naked and returns to sucking on Gerasim’s cock. Peto stands and pulls off his shorts to make his dick available for Martin to suck. His head bobs up and down on Peto’s rampant cock as Gerasim and Tony wank each other. Gerasim kisses Tony again as he wanks. He then gives Martin’s sexy ass a good hard slap. Then he leans over as he wanks Tony and takes the dick into his mouth. That handsome, bearded face works all over Tony’s cock. Peto plays with a nipple as he sits back and enjoys the hot mouth on his cock. Gerasim spanks again and he and Tony wank themselves some more. Then everyones’ attention tuns to Tony as first Gerasim and then Peto suck on his cock. Martin watches and wanks and then he takes a turn on Tony’s cock too. The three guys all take turns on Tony’s throbbing occk as their own stay rock hard. Peto and Gerasim lick and suck at the same time as Martin wanks before taking another turn on that cock. All four are so hot and horny and ready to move on to some hard fucking.

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