William Higgins: Cutie Peto Mohac bottoms for Honza Bilek’s first gay experience.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Honza Bilek, Peto Mohac

Director’s Notes:

Honza Bilek is paired with Peto Mohac for his screentest. They sit on the bed and chat a little. The Peto leans over and they start kissing. Honza lays on his back and Peto begins to feel his chest and open his shirt. He leans forward and kisses Honza’s bare chest as he grope him too. Peto rubs that sexy chest and continues with gentle kisses on the neck, mouth and nipples. Then he opens Honza’s jeans and pulls them and the underwear down sufficiently to get access to the cock. That cock is already quite hard and Peto takes it in his mouth. Pulling the jeans down further he sucks on the throbbing cock, taking it deep into his mouth. He licks up and down the shaft as he keeps up the sucking. in between all the sucking Peto also gets naked, showing his hot body and rock hard cock. Then he straddles Honza and kisses his chest and nipples again. Then Honza, fully naked, positions himself behind the kneeling Peto and he slides his cock deep into the waiting hole. His hips thrust in and out, gently, as he starts to fuck that hot ass hole. His fucking gets faster, going in nice and deep as Peto takes it so well. Then Peto turns over, onto his back so they can spoon. With Honza’s dick deep in his ass Peto wanks himself. Honza’s cock fucks hard as Peto keeps wanking until his shoots the hot, creamy, cum all over his left thigh. That cum just keeps coming as he milks his cock as Honza continues to fuck. Honza’s fat cock works deep in the eager ass hole until it is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and dumps his hot cum too.

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