Straight Off Base: 19-year old Corporal Huck jerks a load all over his stomach.


Studio:  Straight Off Base

Star(s):  Huck

Director’s Notes:

Straight off base, Corporal Huck is a 19-year old Marine cowboy from the state of Wyoming who stands at 6’2″ and weighs in at 179 lbs. Back in his high school days, Huck participated in football and varsity wrestling. Corporal Huck sports a nice 7 inch meat-missile and he swings by the Major’s quarters to bust his nut for the Major’s ever-ready camera and pocket some extra cash for his off-roading hobby. At the Major’s order, Huck gets out of his clothes and slowly strokes his cock until he unloads his ginger-jizz onto his stomach.

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