MyFTMCrush: Sexy jock Spencer Daley drills and fills sexy FTM Luke Hudson.


Studio:  MyFTMCrush

Star(s):  Spencer Daley, Luke Hudson

Director’s Notes:

Luke leans up against the pillows of the bed, spreading his legs apart to invite Spencer between. The boyish jock crawls playfully to meet him, bringing his soft lips up to Luke’s clit.

He kisses it gently before teasing it with his tongue and mouth. Hot breath spreads over his pussy, making it wet and hard in an instant. Luke’s sensitive clit sticks up for Spencer to savour, sucking on it as the trans boy moans.

Luke’s mouth waters as he licks his lips, leading his blond stud up to turn over and present his hard, swollen cock. Luke’s lips wrap around Spencer’s thick meat, tasting his precum as it slides down his tongue. Spencer smiles as each wave of pleasure flows through him, stirred by Luke’s expert cock sucking.

Spencer’s balls tighten, feeling the moment of climax on the edge. He doesn’t want to blow his load in Luke’s mouth, though. Luke lies on his back, spreading his legs apart once more.

Spencer moves between him, resting his thick, muscular thighs against Luke’s, feeling the tip of his cock kiss his pussy. With a gentle move forward, he feels Luke split apart around him, taking him in as his cock is enveloped in the warm, wet hole.

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