Homo Emo: Horned up Brendan Tyler drills buddy Levon Meeks.


Studio:  Homo Emo

Star(s):  Levon Meeks, Brendan Tyler

Director’s Notes:

Levon is relaxing in his room and watching a wildlife documentary when cute friend Brendan arrives and makes himself at home, sucking on his lollipop. It’s a tempting sight for any boy, but when Levon asks if he can have a taste Brendan has something far more delicious for him to try. With the taste of cock on his tongue and his own dick being lovingly licked and sucked the fit young man is soon opening up for that cock to slide inside, buggered all over the bed and finally launching a big splashing load while Brendan is inside him. His top boy is soon pumping his own juicy goo in appreciation!


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