Gaycest: Hot jock Cole Blue has some forbidden love with Mr. Houser (Korzak Kipling).


Studio:  Gaycest

Star(s):  Cole Blue, Mr. Houser (Korzak Kipling)

Director’s Notes:

Mr. Houser was stunned to find his boy Cole jerking off with his underwear on his face. He wants to give him everything and make him happy, leading him to consider doing things that he knows are a bit taboo.

Searching high and low for and answer, Mr. Houser has maybe found a way to break through the social bonds that are holding him back from fully loving his boy.

At the Forbidden Boy Hotel, Mr. Houser begins following the program by giving his handsome boy a massage, giving him access to parts of his body he’s never touched before.

Before long, his desire to touch turns to a desire to taste, sending him past the point of no return and sealing his fate. As he makes love to his boy for the first time, he sees Cole’s joy and pleasure, making him pour his seed into his tight, virgin hole.

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