Freshmen: Cute Derek Caravaggio gets a rough drilling from sexy Jon Kael.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Derek Caravaggio, Jon Kael

Director’s Notes:

It’s a wonder we get anything done around here. Luke sends Derek on an errand: go to the storeroom and get a replacement for Luke’s dead battery. Simple, right? Not when there’s a horny Jon Kael in the vicinity. The only “charging” he is interested in is into Derek’s supple ass.  While we’re not sure if we would have risked Luke’s ire in not complying, it is understandable upon viewing Jon’s perfect physique. Though Luke didn’t get his battery, there was plenty of electricity generated in the scene- and none of it static.  The sex is energetic and vigorous with excellent oral as Derek sucks on Jon’s spectacular balls which leads to deep, satisfying fucking. Jon cums first, pushing his creamy load back into Derek’s ass. After such a vigorous workout, Jon is hungry for a protein supplement, so he hungrily swallows all that Derek gives him. Electrifying!

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