Colby Knox: Horned up Tannor Reed gets some thick assistance from cutie Grayson Lange.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Grayson Lange, Tannor Reed

Director’s Notes:

In this weeks new gay porn movie release from ColbyKnox, Grayson Lange is ready to lay some dick down on sexy flexible twink Tannor Reed!!! Grayson catches Tannor rubbing one out rather than getting ready for the beach and decides to offer some assistance. He starts out getting a big mouthful of Tannor Reed’s hard impressive cock, before switching it up and stuffing his cock down young Tannor’s throat. After both getting their fill, Tannor mounts Grayson Lange and starts to buck up and down in a very satisfying riding motion as both boys moan and revel in each other’s lust. The occasional making out between them in this position is particularly sexy!! Grayson wants to get a better look at the sexy plump ass he’s been squeezing on and puts Tannor on all four with his thighs spread nice and wide. He pumps away at Tannor in the doggy position, savoring each and every thrust as they both move closer and closer to climax. Grayson puts Tannor on his back, thrusting and pounding the hot young twink until Tannor can’t hold it back any more. Tannor erupts a very ample and satisfying load of cum all over himself as Grayson closes in on his own cumshot. Grayson pulls out at the last minute and paints Tannor’s face with his hot warm man milk.


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